Ready to turn your plain, weed-prone patch of grass into an exciting outdoor space your whole family can enjoy? 

Hardscaping can make this happen, transforming a ho-hum yard into a completely unique outdoor living space you and your family can make the most of. Learn what hardscaping can do for your property and your quality of life.  

Expand Outdoor Living Spaces

If you’re ready to spend more time outside—having cookouts, sitting in front of a fire under a starry night sky, or simply unwinding at the end of the day—consider a hardscaping project to create and expand outdoor living spaces on your property.

Hardscaping adds stone, rock, tile, brick, and other durable materials to your yard to create beautiful walkways and inviting living spaces. Coupled with outdoor lighting solutions and buildings, like pergolas and pavilions, hardscaping creates a space that looks like it came right out of a luxury design magazine.  

Landscape and design specialists can add any of the following elements to your yard during a hardscaping project:

  • Stone walkways
  • Straight or meandering paths
  • Brick patios, paths, and sitting areas
  • Stone or ceramic tile floors
  • Seat walls
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Water features
  • Retaining walls
  • Grill surrounds
  • Outdoor kitchens 
  • Pergolas
  • Custom-built hardscape features
  • And More!

Choose the hardscaping elements you want then add lighting features, patio covers, furnishings, and other elements to achieve the look and feel you want for your outdoor living space. 

Increase Property Value

When it comes time to sell your home, whether in a couple of years or many years down the road, the outdoor spaces you’ve expanded enable you to ask for—and get—a higher selling price. 

Hardscaping increases your property value by beautifying your yard and turning it into additional living areas. Whether you use these outdoor spaces primarily for yourself and your family, or you invite neighbors and friends over for get-togethers, your hardscaped living spaces add so much to your home.

What makes hardscaping so appealing is that it adds value to your backyard experience. You’ll enjoy pride of ownership with a beautifully designed yard that offers you wonderful outdoor spaces to spend time in.

Low Maintenance

If you’re tired of constantly mowing, weeding, edging, and caring for your lawn, it’s time for a change. 

Hardscaping offers a low-maintenance alternative to lawn care, which means you can actually relax and enjoy your yard instead of always having to work to keep it looking good. Outdoor spaces that are hardscaped require less care because you don’t have to:

  • Mow
  • Weed
  • Clear
  • Water
  • Or do weekly maintenance

Unlike lawns, hardscape surfaces are very easy to maintain. That being said, if you’re in need of some landscape maintenance, consider giving New Beginnings in Nashville a call! 

Provides Privacy

With the right hardscaping designs, you can build privacy into your yard. 

In addition to bringing luxury outdoor living to your house, you can use hardscaping elements to strategically place pergolas, stone retaining walls, tall fireplaces, and other features in a way that maximizes your privacy.

Combine hardscaping with landscaping elements to create natural dividing areas that not only define individual living spaces, but also offer additional privacy. Planting ornamental grasses or hedges, for example, adds to your overall backyard design while creating natural fences for a more private retreat. 

Start Your Hardscaping Project With New Beginnings

Why should you choose to hardscape your yard? To recap, these are just some of the many reasons:

  • Added living spaces to enjoy
  • Easy-maintenance yard
  • Visual and practical appeal
  • Improving your property value
  • Added privacy
  • A touch of luxury
  • Added beauty with durable surfaces
  • A high-quality backyard experience

To get started on your yard beautification project here in Nashville, TN, or in any of the surrounding areas, reach out to New Beginnings today. Think of us as your hardscaping specialists and luxury yard design consultants. Our goal is to turn your yard into your own personal oasis. Contact us today for an estimate.