Proud owner of New Beginnings Landscape and Design: Bobby Wilson

Bobby started in this business industry over 20 years ago, accumulating a small business into an exquisite Outdoor Living Company that provides charm and luxury. New Beginnings Landscape and Design is more about building and transforming living spaces that will allow your family to enjoy memories for years to come. We are a family business; what makes our company so great is that we already have such an amazing connection and sense of reliability and trust within our own family and business. We have an extraordinary amount of passion for this industry and a genuine creativity that is unmatched with any other company. We strive to show our clients our authentic and honorable vision for their homes. We strive for our clients to ensure their trust into our vision; because vision is not seeing things as they are, but as they will be.
Allow us to show you the difference of “New Beginnings”.

About New Beginnings Landscape

Serving Nashville, TN, Mt. Juliet, Hendersonville, Brentwood and the surrounding areas. New Beginnings Landscape is a Landscaping/Outdoor Living Company that truly defines the meaning of individuality, quality, and full service. Our services provide an incomparable approach when it comes to your Landscaping and Hardscape needs. Providing such services as: Constructing Outdoor Spaces which include Pavilions, Pergolas, Beautiful and Custom Outdoor Kitchens, Pools, Spas, Fireplaces and Firepits, Patios, Retaining Walls, Comprehensive Landscape Maintenance, Lighting Systems and Irrigation.
We specialize in the 3D Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Landscaping and Luxury Outdoor Living Spaces, enabling the wondrous transformation of your home.

New Beginnings’ innovative mindset forms a path of perfection as our time - honored workmanship and unmatched experience reflects in every project we accomplish. Our primary goal is to bring forth our ingenuity and candor to better assess your needs in enhancing your dream home. Combining our proficiency with our clear communication skills, we have set the industry standard with over 23 years of experience in transforming back yards into Luxury Living Spaces. No job is too big or too small for the professionals here at New Beginnings Landscape, LLC. We pledge to make your project just as important no matter how complicated or extensive it is.


Mckenzie Wilson
Landscape and Exterior Designer

Mckenzie provides an exceptional vision that will help design and transform your Outdoor Space. Mckenzie's goal is to provide unique creativity to ensure perfection when designing your Outdoor Oasis.

Brandon Fitzgerald
Project Manager

Brandon manages and directs all our construction teams to ensure unmatched service and quality. Brandon's goal is to complete the project not only to perfection, but in a way that our clients will remember our name forever.

Jose Rivera
Maintenance Operations Manager

Jose has been working and accumulating knowledge within this industry for over 20 years. Jose manages all our maintenance crews to ensure genuine honor and attention to detail to every account we acquire.

Tami Elliott
Administrative Director

Tami manages all office operations and daily reports, monitors the financial health of the business, and corresponds with company vendors. Tami's goal is to further develop our company in success of growth and quality.

Johnny Bowling
Client Relations

Johnny is the newest addition to our growing company. Johnny has over 12 years of experience in working with clients. His goal is to ensure every detail of our jobs and clients' needs are executed to perfection, ensuring an unmatched experience with our company.


Great question!

Yes and no. We do provide free estimates. However, we need a scaled drawing to quote off of. We need something that shows measurements, elevations, material lists, plant selections, access points, etc. We need a site plan that shows any utilities or easements, along with property lines as well. Clients are more than welcome to bring their own design (drawn by another company) to New Beginnings and we will quote it for free. However, if you do not have this information, we would need to move forward with getting you set up for a design drawn by us. Which would then require the $1,500 design cost to be implemented.

Great question!

The $1,500 design fee is not credited towards the project if you were to move forward with us. The design fee is priced with approximately 10 hours of work included- with free revisions up to a certain point. New Beginnings ends up putting a-lot more work into the design than what clients are actually paying for- so unfortunately, we can't credit the fee towards the project.

Yes! And no...

We do come out to give ideas on what your project could look like- but that is only done during our design consultation. Once we receive payment for the design fee, we schedule your initial consultation and discuss potential ideas. This is what you would be paying us for- for our creativity and our expertise. We do come out for site visits with unique cases. For example, if you were worried about your project not to fit in your space, or to check to see if it would even be possible to work with the slope of your yard.

Good question!

Unfortunately, we do not allow our designs to be used by other companies. New Beginnings puts a tremendous amount of work and creativity into our designs that is unique to the industry. Our goal is to design, build, and maintain.

Yes-we do!

New Beginnings does install irrigation systems. However, we only install irrigation systems for new landscaping projects or yearly maintenance clients. Which means, if you have a landscaping project installed by us, we will be installing irrigation as well, or you can set up a maintenance contract after your project is complete.

Good question...

Yes- if New Beginnings installed your irrigation, we could schedule a site visit to winterize your irrigation system with a service fee + materials. However, if you choose to set up a yearly maintenance contract with us, you can opt for us to maintain your irrigation regularly.

Yes- if New Beginnings installed your lighting, we can schedule a site visit to repair your lighting with a service fee + materials. However, if you choose to set up a yearly maintenance contract with us, you can opt for us to maintain your landscape lighting regularly.

Give us 2-3 weeks!

Our designs are usually completed around 2 weeks after the initial consultation, since we work "first come first serve". We try to get them done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Quoting does take around 2-3 weeks to complete depending on the size of the project. This is because we are gathering numbers from multiple sources and vendors, and making sure we have everything we need to give you the most accurate number possible.