The landscape on your property is the very first impression you set when guests arrive. Planning and designing a landscape, however, is not an easy task. There are numerous considerations that you have to keep in mind to ensure the end result is something that truly complements the existing architecture that exists on the property. 

The landscaping industry itself is worth over $128 billion and continues to grow – providing great opportunities for people to gain access to the services they need to create the perfect landscape. We’re are some factors to keep in mind while designing such a landscape. 

Extend Your Home’s Design

The planning phase is particularly important and should be completed before you decide to implement any actionable steps. Start with the existing design of your home. When it comes to complementing your home with your landscape, try to extend the existing design that already exists. 

One example of how your exterior landscape can be used to extend the design of your home is a porch. This is especially useful in cases where your front door leads directly into your living room. The porch can become a hangout space, while also adding more comfort to the entrance of your home. 

The Importance Of Lines And Shapes

Choosing the right shapes and working carefully with lines can help you achieve a more significant level of detail when it comes to landscaping. For example, you could choose to work primarily with rectangles. In this particular scenario, you could use rectangles of different sizes to ensure things aren’t too repetitive, while still complimenting each other.

In terms of the landscape itself, consider the use of straight lines, and then carefully introduce some curved lines when you start to focus on the garden area. This can help to add some variation to the design of the landscape. Vertical lines are great for moving the eye upward, while horizontal lines focus on moving the eyes along a plane. 

Landscape Lighting And Color

When it comes to landscapes, it’s important to not only consider the shapes, but also the colors that you are going to introduce to the exterior of your home. You should take into consideration the existing design of your home – including the color of the walls and roof, as well as the window frames. Use these to come up with ideas that can help you choose the right combination of colors for your landscape. 

When the sun sets, lighting starts to play an important role in creating ambience in your outdoor area. It is a good idea to consider using LED lights for the pathway that leads to your front door. This improves visibility at night and adds to the decor. 

The specific lighting you should use largely depends on the approach you take to landscape design, but you can experiment with different kinds of lights and lighting colors in order to further add to the aesthetics. 

Hire A Nashville Landscaping Company

If you’re looking to take your landscape to the next level, while also ensuring it complements the architecture and design of your home, then New Beginnings Landscape & Design can help. 

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