Julie G. Goodlettsville, TN

We had just moved to Tennessee and bought a house in Goodlettsville. My family and I knew there had to be work done in the backyard and budgeted for it when buying the house. What we didn’t know was that a lot of the contractors in the area were unreliable and untrustworthy. Our first and seconshad contractor took thousands of dollars and left us with a mess in the backyard. I contacted Bobby Wilson, now looking for our third contractor, with great skepticism and little hope. I told him our story and he proceeded to give me a long list of references. Every reference was amazing and glowing. Bobby came out to give us an estimate, and immediately struck me as a kind, respectful, professional and caring man. He showed up exactly when he said he would, and was very timely in giving me an estimate. The price was good (not the cheapest and not the most expensive either). I proceeded to hire Bobby, still a little fearful. He wrote up a detailed contract, which helped ease my fears and had us both sign it. He asked for certain amount of the total cost up front. Knowing my fears, he called me often, updating me on when they could start and reminding me that he would not cash my check until they were starting the project. Bobby and his team always showed up on time and kept me informed of what they were doing. His team really cared about quality. They planted 30 bushes around a retaining wall, and when they stepped back to look, they didn’t like the spacing of some of the bushes. Instead of turning a blind eye, they proceeded to dig them up and re-space them to look better. I never had to say a thing. They brought in top soil to grade and repair our damaged yard. They put grass seed down and straw. They re-ran new gutter drains, as the old ones had stopped working. They worked hard and got the job done quickly. I feel Bobby went above and beyond to prove his trustworthiness to me. He deserves a glowing review, from yet another customer, and he can certainly add me to that list.